A wedding bread story.

A wedding bread story.


About 6 weeks  ago, a young man  came into the bakery.  He was well dressed, and   had a pleasant demeanor.  He had a query:   Could I make a Ukrainian wedding bread for his fiancee?  Now, I am not the fount of all yeasted consumables, and don’t profess  to know all there is to know , about all things baked so…..I was intrigued.  “Bring me a  photo”, I asked, “and I’ll make it for you”.  A couple of hours  later, the same pleasant demeanored gentleman returned  with an equally pleasant demanored and pleasant looking woman who told me her name was “Yuliya”, and produced a very interesting looking photo of a baked yummy  called a “Korovai”.   “Could I make this?” she asked.  I responded   that   I would be happy  to do it.  The couple returned a couple of weeks later, and I produced a sample of what the bread would TASTE like. It was met with approval, and we confirmed the pickup for August 19, a day before the big day.   It was a joy to make, as I had never undertaken one such as this before, and I hope to make  many more in the future…..Here  is the recipe, and the photos of the process, as well as the finished result.  All told, I was quite happy  with my first KOROVAI!Top.bmp




  • P8170001

  • P8170002

  • P8170004

  • P8170005

  • P8170006


I made a starter the day before….For flavor, along with the other ingredients….




  • P8180007

  • P8180008




 The finished , shaped dough…In the pan, with a parchment collar.

  • P8180010

  • P8180011

  • P8180012

 The decorations:  A pair of doves, a pair of intertwined hearts, and a couple of daisies, or sunflowers…


  • P8180013

  • P8180016

  • P8180018




The finished product, it smelled wonderful!





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