I am a P.F.A

ImageI am a PFA. One day, last week, I was having a chat with my chef at work. We were conversing about what it means to move to a place, from somewhere else.  We hashed, and rehashed all that is involved with relocation, and beginning anew…New job, new dwelling, new neighborhood. It can be difficult at times.  I have done this on more than one occasion, and frankly, have done it for the last time. With each successive move, I have left at least ONE good friend in my wake…I do stay in touch, but it is painful, especially because of the memories carved out , whilst in their company. I am a PFA, a Person From Away….Yes, I am a newcomer to P.E.I…. I bring my worldly possessions, my dreams and my memories….I also bring my love of food and a need, a yearning, no,  a  burning desire to cook , and bake, and create that which makes people smile, while making  those foodie noises that tell me in a word: “Ya done good”.  I may be a PFA, but I have no desire to be a visitor, or a summertimer, or a casual tourist…I have embraced this island, and all it is. It is my new home, and Summerside is where my roots will take hold, and grow deep…You will probably receive a loaf of bread from my kitchen….Just because….In the spirit of goodwill, and the feeling that comes from a mouthful of something that tastes wonderful, and nostalgic and familiar all at once….I am a PFA no more….Image 


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