Sabbath soul food…


100 % dark rye…Sugar,dairy and yeast free.

In our house, growing up, Sunday was a day of rest….Rest from the work week, rest from financial worries, rest from obligations..The one thing that my mom didn’t rest from was…..Cooking.  There was always an ample Sunday dinner, in case (often), a visiting pastor was in town, or a foreign exchange student needed a hot meal, and a “how do you do, welcome to the hood!” Or sometimes , it was just the 5 of us, tucking into a juicy roast, dripping with pan gravy,  mashed taters and oven roasted veggies, with a bowl of trifle, or Mississippi mud pie, or apple crisp for dessert…Mom didn’t rest,….EVEN ON SUNDAYS. NO surprise there, I know this same scenario is repeated ad nauseum, in countless millions of households, every Sunday. Just another reason to be thankful for moms, I guess!  My post today, is more about doing something that makes me smile, as much as almost anything in my life. A leaping trout, a pair of dogs playing, a dolphin doing backflips, a couple of seniors….Holding hands like they mean it….All of these things bring me joy…I also derive a quiet sort of PEACE, and satisfaction from making bread. I realize that it is a dying art…My industry tells me so, I just cannot get it out of my system.  Seeing a master work dough, or chocolate, or a handful of cooked sugar, can bring me to tears.  I suppose it is what most don’t see,  that impacts me so:  I see passion, and commitment. I see perseverance and dedication. I see the years of toil in obscurity and lack of recognition. But above all, I see a love for the task, the act, the CRAFT.  It matters not what it appears to be, but rather what it IS.  It may mean everything to that individual, and I know that I can see it…Before I go off the deep end of emotion here, let me just share my CRAFT with a few pics of yesterday’s playtime….


“Pain casquette ” There’s something about a loaf of bread, shaped like a be-capped head, that makes me smile! Image

C’mon, I can see you smiling!


100% WW, with a pinch of yeast and sea salt….

What I have failed to post pics of, was the simple Margherita pizza that I fashioned for supper….Just me and my girl, and a little football…Hey, It made ME SMILE!!!


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