What to do with 5 small fishes…


Earlier this week, I had to drive my GF to Charlottetown for 4 days of training, for a new job. The training involved being there from 5 to 9, in the evening. That being said, I had some time to kill, whilst awaiting her. After perusing the environs, I decided on a local pond, and set forth with my trusty inflatable “U-Boat”. This fish hunter is designed to float , and maneuver in small not -too windswept bodies of water, and hopefully catch some fish at the same time.Image

I had targeted a small lake, known to have rainbow trout, of some size, (I hoped). Upon arriving, I was thrilled to see it was slightly overcast, but not raining. The lake was a prefect size for my undertaking! As I finned out from the shore, I swatted away mosquitos, which have been the bane of my existence, with each foray , it seems of late….It wasn’t long before my reel screeched, as line was peeled from the reel. As I brought the fish to net, I wondered just what kind of rainbow trout was this? It didn’t leap, and cavort in an attempt to toss the hook, nor did it bulldog, and run at the boat….Huh? The fish was silvery and deep-bodied, with large scales, and sharp spines, at the business ends of each fin, OUCH!  I ascertained that the query in question was in fact, a white Perch. A very tasty cousin of the yellow perch, and not even a distant relative of my favorite trout species…Sigh. Nevertheless, I had already formulated a plan to harvest a select number of these swimming fish cakes- to- be, so I simply had fun. I tried fly after fly, in an attempt to find a pattern that DIDN’T work! As I pushed back to shore, I was reminded of the bible story that speaks of Jesus feeding the 5,000 with 5 small fishes…I knew , even with some very creative culinary undertaking, I would feed only my house, and it’s occupants….No more! Regardless, dinner fare , albeit very late at night, was White Perch fish cakes, enhanced with a little Haddock, some red curry, garlic, onion, mashed sweet potato, dill and Turmeric. I processed the mixture in the Robot-coupe, until it was uniform and chunky. The mounds were then formed into little patties, and given a thin coating of seasoned breadcrumbs. A head of Romaine, chopped, a little shallot vinaigrette,, and voila! Le souper est servi!!ImageImage


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