Sunday fare…

100_0793Sundays, in our house, was always a day of protocol: Arise at a set hour, shower, bathe and get dressed for church. The breakfast table consisted of some very tasty scrambled eggs, (that DAD would make). To the best of my knowledge, it was his signature dish…Just a wee bit soft, with plenty of parsley, a pinch of salt and pepper, and plenty of toast to accompany the oval repast..I digress, years later, I still go to church, albeit in a different part of the world, have a similar type of breakfast, but would like to show you the evening meal, instead..My GF and I both like to watch football. We manage our little fantasy teams, and have a jolly old time, hurling insults at our players when they don’t produce, or bicker at refs when they blow calls…Between these frenzied bursts of activity, are a plethora of ads, that beg for the “mute” button, on our remote. There are a handful of ads, however, that bear listening to: Papa John’s is a chain of franchises in the US that reaps huge sacks of $$$ during football season. He,(The CEO), uses actual NFL stars to promote his product. The commercials are somewhat entertaining, in a cornpone sort of way, and of course, extol the virtues of, and the need to consume: Papa John’s pizza.100_0791 My GF, seeing ad after ad, inadvertantly muttered, “I’m so tired of seeing ads for pizza, it makes my mouth water…” This, for me, was a subtle cue: My GF, bless her heart, has no idea what lengths I will go to, to please when it comes to food. Here’s the meat of this long-winded tale: I had a rye starter ripened , and waiting for the balance of ingredients to fashion some bread. I made my dough, and planned a little trip to the grocer. My GF , sensing my urgency, asked where I was going. I politely, but with a smirk on my face, replied that she should just mind her business…A gasp was heard, and a sense of unease was felt, ( not by me, of course)…I loved it…”Sweetie, I said, this is one of those times that you just have to trust that I have YOUR best interest in mind…About a half hour later, once the aromas and nuances  of a stone baking pizza pie filled the house, another gasp was heard: This time it was one of delight, as the pizza made it’s way to the breadboard for dissection, and ingestion. I have attached 3 pics, so eat up!!!100_0792


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