Another PEI memory…

I took a little sojourn today, away from the demands of daily rigour,to wet a line at a favorite trout pond…upon arriving, I noticed that the amount of algae, and flotsam had rendered my “feel good” body of water, almost unfishable..I decided to take a little jaunt along the Evangeline trail instead. This scenic beachroad winds its way along the southern part of PEI, and has many worthy stops along the way. AsI ventured in a westerly direction, I was pacified by the lonely, red beaches. They seemed so peaceful, after their summer of hosting the hordes of sun worshippers, and barcalounger lizards. The wind swept shores seemed to drink in the calming atmosphere, as if rejuvinating with the breeze. A few beachcombers perused the tidal pools, in search of mollusks, and crustaceans…I stopped to jump out, flyrod in hand, to flog a small stream that I happened to pass over. It didn’t appear to be a promising endeavor, but I have a difficult time crossing ANY body of water, without wanting to know just what , if anything , is in it. After a few futile, but artistic casts, I was met by the resident, and homeowner across the street. He had a bright, friendly face, and introduced himself, with a grin, asking me if I was trying to catch my supper? I laughed, and recounted my need to know about new bodies of water…Yadayada…He asked me if I had been to the Acadian festival, having perused my Ontario plates. I again,  laughed, and said that I was now a bonafied resident, and no, I had not been to the festival. To make a long story short:  I visited the festival,as it was winding down, and bought some incredibly fresh, and tasty lobster, shrimp and a nice chunk of cod. Supper was a simple steamed, and pan seared medley of PEI flavors, good enough to wait for, and certainly worth writing about. I am blessed to be a part of this little slice of heaven. Thanks again, PEI for making this day a memorable one…Put a other notch in the memory belt, dohhead!

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