Today’s meal was one of those that one looks back on and says, “It was like I ate THAT thing, and I was THERE to have it”…Yesterday, we had taken a little jaunt to the historic town of Malpeque, the Malpeque of those famed , sweeter than honey oysters. The harbor is tiny, with just a small federal government plaque denoting it’s fame and historical significance. The little seafood shop, and oyster house, upstairs, provided me with the raw goods to make a sumptuous dinner “pour deux”. I believe that one should try to obtain the best ingredients, NOT the most expensive ones, and with some simple, TLC, make a repast fit for a king, and visiting queen. I decided, after purchasing 2 dozen tasty little medium sized oysters, and a dozen and a half “Quahogs”, yes, not a Peter Griffin Quahog, but the PEI variety: Basically a type of clam, very sweet and tender. They can be eaten raw, and I’m sure would have made a delicious Ceviche. I decided that I would make a gourmet burger, and save some of those famed mollusks (6), on the half shell, to be ingested with just a slurp! I processed the clams, oysters and a haddock filet , and shaped them into burger-sized patties. The pan was greased with a little bacon fat, and coconut oil. 2 minutes a side, and they were done. I also added a generous handful of my smoked 1000 day cheddar to the meat mix..It really adds some depth of flavor to the burgers..Here is the evidence of our supper….Enjoy.100_0768100_0767100_0764100_0765100_0772100_0771100_0773

Dessert: Some NY style cheesecake, with pan -seared lady finger bananas, and some blueberry compote….Creamy, cheesy…Just.Good.


An epic mealtime…Courtesy of PEI.

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