Some good eatin' gluten free bread!

I have been working off and on to perfect a gluten free bread offering…For a period of 30 days, I and my sweetie, abstained from all sugar/starch/grains. The motivation was twofold:  I am a type 2 diabetic, and I also wanted to move out of my comfort zone, (read: comfort FOOD zone!).  I had the good fortune, recently to have spent a little time in a gluten free bakery….Quite an eye opener!  Hands washed even more frequently than the 30 or 40 times a day that I am used to!  Absolute absence of wheat,rye, barley you name  it, with even a hint of gluten. Now , the little shop that I sojourned in made some very good GF bread. I made a promise not to share their recipes, but I did remember a few little tips, and techniques for making a serviceable loaf.  Last week, after a few tasty, but crumbly offerings, I was ready to behead someone, or something…But then , had an epiphany!  Adding gelatin , of all things to a recipe, helps bind the glutenless flours, and  dry measures, and aids in creating a “bready” structure. I am uploading this recipe with a footnote:  You can use your favorite GF flour blend, be it heavy on Teff, Sorghum,Soy etc….I try to avoid the really starchy blends, (rice,tapioca, arrowroot) , just because they’re basically useless, empty calories.  I can do with a little less volume, for an extra helping of protein rich grains….Thank you very much!  Here is the recipe:

Teff/Sorghum bread

1.5 cups Teff flour

1,5 cups Sorghum flour

.25 cup potato starch

1.5 tbsps gelatin

1 tbsp Guar or Xanthan gum

1 tsp baking powder

2 tsps instant yeast


Mix dries with a whisk, until well combined. Then  add:

2 eggs, well beaten

5 tbsps melted butter, or olive oil

1 tsp apple cider vinegar

1,5 cups hot water, (120F)


One can mix this by  hand, in a large bowl. However, a stand mixer, will do a faster job, and guarantee that  the ingredients are thoroughly mixed…

I baked this at 325F, for 50 minutes, the internal temp should be 200F.



Some good eatin’ gluten free bread!

2 thoughts on “Some good eatin’ gluten free bread!

  1. Love your site! I’ve been trying to find a better GF bread recipe and am so excited to try it with gelatin! Did you not need to let the dough rise/proof before baking it, since you have yeast in it?? thank you so much!

    • Amanda, as soon as the dough has mixed for 4 minutes, in a stand mixer or similar, pan the mixture, and allow it to rise….Just until the top begins to crack, the key is JUST as it’s beginning to crack! It will easily overproof, and consequently…Fall. Your dough should be fairly warm, 90-95F…Good luck, and post pics when you get it to where you’re happy…

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